New OMP 6 CD Course Reveals:

How to Set High Standards & Lay a Strong Foundation for Your Children. BUT it also exposes where many Muslims parents GO WRONG!

This simple and easy-to-understand audio course will teach you how to be more effective with your discipline, how to be more fun and engaging, and how not to lose your sanity while anchoring your children to Islam!

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In this Course You Will Discover...

  • Understanding Our World

    What ages our children are most receptive to different things and how to deal with them effectively. How to engage our growing little ones. Learn how to recognize the signs of trouble and the strategies to win.

  • Have Discipline Work For You

    As our children grow, we must grow also. Properly understanding discipline vs punishment and how it affects all of our relationships is necessary. How to maintain the influence we have as parents is paramount to our child’s wins and losses. What ages and forms of discipline may be best appropriate.

  • Balance in Our Lives

    Maintaining balance so that we don’t lose it is essential. The exercises included will empower you in staying balanced while preventing you from neglecting your responsibilities. Learn how to create and achieve F.A.M. Goals that propel your family further!

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I wish I would have known some of the things taught before my two oldest went bad. Now I'm concentrating on not losing my youngest three kids. Allah help us, we need it. Thanks OMP, may Allah reward you with good!
Muhammad S. Milwaukee, WI
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